Shannon 38 Cutter Ketch

Excerpted from “The World’s Best Sailboats” by Ferenc Mate:

“…my favorite boats are still long-distance cruisers that can sail the seven seas ably and with good speed, built without compromise in construction or design to serve her crew well regardless of the weather. Walter Schulz’s Shannons fit that description to perfection.”


“people want a boat that is easy to sail and comfortable for long passages….. they want flexible interiors that won’t cost an arm and a leg ……. they want the performance of a racing boat with the storage capacity of a barge. Walter has found the right combination.”

Of Walter Schulz:

…”Ollie Bowen recognized in Walt the burning desire to build boats right.”

… his “key component was to put together an efficient crew that could build the best cruising boats in the world.”

…”people recognize that a boat should enable, rather than hinder, them from realizing their dreams.”

…”one of Shannon’s strengths since I founded the company.. .. has been our after-market service … on our boats’ technical support, latest technical equipment recommendations and replacement parts.”

…”to continue to build the finest boats possible, so the name “Shannon” still has significance to people in 2095… .”

…”I can thank the above average intelligence of the people who buy Shannons.”

The Result…

- a boat that can take you around the Bay or around the world in all weather; in comfort and security.

- a boat which can easily be handled by a single sailor or a couple, but can carry a family.

- a possible five sails aloft at one time, providing an enormous variety of sail plans.

- a boat with a cut-away full keel, offering exceptional stability, but still good pointing.

- a boat which will turn heads in every port.

Length on Deck

37 ft. 9 in.

30 ft. 10 in.
42ft. 4 in.

11 ft. 6 in.

5 ft. 6in.
18,500 lbs.
7,000 lbs.
Sail Area
751 sq ft
Engine Westbeke 4-108
Lead Encapsulated full keel
100 gals. in 3 tanks
55 gals in 1 aluminium tank.
Mast Height
47 ft. 6 in.
SA/D ratio
D/L ratio
Year Built

Note: The self-tending staysail on Wind Dancer has been changed to a hank-on staysail with sheets to the cockpit for full control.